"Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field. I’ll meet you there."
- Rumi

About Simran Meditation & Navid Zargham

Simran meditation is a set of exercises and meditations that are designed to experientially reveal the underlying, non-dual nature of existence. The exercises are simple, direct and if you do them sincerely, they invite you to recognise the timeless essence of who you truly are.

When this recognition is in place, your mind will effortlessly gravitate back towards is most natural, open and peaceful state - also know as meditation.

The founder of Simran Meditation, Navid Zargham, have been evolving these methods since 2014. He currently hosts retreats, workshops, classes and private sessions, both in person and online.

Reviews & Testemonials

A selection of reviews from Simran Meditation on Facebook and Insight timer.
In this space I found everything and nothing and more beauty and relief than I thought possible. These sessions have been invaluable to me in ways that words could never describe...
United States
No words can describe what I learned from Navid in his sessions. The only way to find out for yourself is to experience it, and it will change your life forever.
...Navid is so good at guiding you to a space of peace, and helping you keep that beyond the sessions as a permanent part of your everyday, without being a guru or promising bliss...
...There is nothing more profound to explore than what Navid so skillfully is able to transmit via his being, his words and eyes...
...I feel more peaceful and happy, I am more unconditionally caring and less judgmental. When I notice my truth, I feel at home...
I had one of the most profound realizations in a meditation session with Navid. He has a unique method that I have not seen anywhere else...
Experience was beyond the beyond, words cannot truthfully describe beauty of the moment & realizations!
...The feeling of coming home, of reconnecting with your inner self and seeing the things how they simply are...
Meditating with Navid was definitely one of the best experiences I had. I was never able to meditate before...
...Blew my mind. His instruction and pointers are so clear and direct that at the end of it, all one can do is laugh (we did)...
United Kingdom

Private sessions

Private sessions with Navid are the most direct and impactful way of being guided.
There are various types of session available depending on where in the process you are.
60min session - 145€
Discounts or exchanges available for those in need of financial support.

Non duality

A very direct guidance towards the recognition of non-duality.

The discovery in turn reveals an unconditional source of peace - while simultaneously allowing emotions, energies and the whole human experience to flow more freely.

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Effortless Meditation

A guided meditation designed to bring about a deep, lasting relaxation.

Navid also aims to equip the participant with uniquely tailored meditations & exercises that help maintaining both the clarity and deep relaxation.

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Somatic Integration

Exploring and rediscovering our body and mind from our true Self.
This kind of exploration have the power to reveal, trigger, process and eventually heal traumas that are residing in the body and mind.

Requires 1 previus non-duality session.

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Events & Retreats

Upcoming retreats, workshops, classes and online sessions.
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