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Apr 7, 2024 - May 19, 2024

Waking up to Reality - Embodiment Course

  • 43Days
  • 44Steps


Welcome to a 6 week course with Navid Zargham & Simran Meditation! The course is designed for those who have embarked on the discovery of non-duality/the true self - and are now ready to go deeper towards a more stable, abiding and embodied realisation. During this 6 week course we will set out to explore 6 different areas of life. The process will be to first recognise, see-through and discard our old, ego-centric relationship to each area - so that we then can re-discover it from/on behalf of our true self. A very beautiful process that feels deeply refreshing, natural, rewarding and challenging at the same time. The methods will be topic-specific exercises, meditations and discussions - as well as homework and journaling in between the weekly sessions. The course will also teach you how to continue this beautiful expansive direction well after these 6 weeks are finished. Schedule and topics for the 6 weeks: Each week will starts off with a 90 minute live session, sundays at 6pm CET. This is then followed by playful homework and exercises to integrate in everyday life during the following week. 1. April 7th: Self, Body and Mind - Discovering our true Self, beyond our self image and ideas. 2. April 14th: The world and others - Discovering the world and other people, beyond our ideas and projections. 3. April 21st: Trauma and Repression - Exploring what traumas are and how they form, stay and dissolve 4. April 28th: Relationships and Sexuality - Exploring the world of relationships, love and romance on behalf of our true Self 5. May 5th: Health and Growth - Discovering how knowing our truth effects our personal growth, development and health. 6. May 12th: Trust and Flow - Discovering the sources of friction or flow in our experience

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